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“Accurate market knowledge + international standards = minimum risk”

Savills Banking and Corporate Services is the largest valuation team in Myanmar, and our professionals provide leading-edge valuation and corporate services so that banks can make informed property decisions. Savills systems and processes are of an international standard and are the most advanced in the region. Risk prevention measures are constantly applied to mitigate uncertainties.

How we can help you

Savills Myanmar is an experienced property service provider in Myanmar, with a database that has been continuously updated, covering all property sectors and providing a real-time view of market performance.

Our expertise

Competitive advantages of Savills Advisory Services are:

  • A continuously updated and comprehensive database
  • Coverage of all property sectors in Myanmar
  • A deep and accurate understanding of the Myanmar property market
  • An objective and multi-disciplinary approach
  • Access to regional and global intelligence


We are able to provide valuations for loan security purposes for a wide range of property types, including for the development of residential, commercial and industrial properties.

We have a staff of dedicated property valuers who are solely focused on providing timely and accurate valuations for both local and foreign banks, as required.

Savills utilises detailed valuation standards specific to the region, but also maintains international standards and practices. 

We provide valuation solutions for both tangible and intangible assets and we now offer flexible valuation solutions for a company’s assets, including plants, equipment, machinery, vehicles and more. 



Key contacts

Troy Griffiths

Troy Griffiths

Deputy Managing Director
Central Management

Savills HCMC

+84 933 276 663