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"Refined knowledge delivers inspired solutions"

With a multitude of uncertain macro variables in Myanmar, accurate property market research is crucial in minimising downside risks. Savills can provide refined research to ensure all unknown variables are quantified so that projects have the maximum opportunity for success.


Our expertise

Competitive advantages of Savills Advisory Services are:

  • A continuously updated and comprehensive database
  • A deep and accurate understanding of the Myanmar property market
  • An objective and multi-disciplinary approach
  • Access to regional and global intelligence


Quarterly Market Reports: Research on property market performance issued quarterly to subscribers, covering: supply-demand analysis, selling prices/rental rates, absorption rates, and outlook and performance, plus a detailed database of each asset class. These reports are acknowledged as the benchmark for property market research within the region.

Conceptual Development Recommendations: Independent studies to determine the optimal development outcome, covering location, infrastructure, competitors’ analyses, supply and demand, and quantitative and qualitative methods to determine the most suitable development type, scale and product mix. 

Specific Market Studies: Bespoke reports addressing any property related matter, from project positioning and absorption rates, to phasing and pricing, and marketing strategies. These reports are deep studies on specific sectors such as the holiday home market, education, the healthcare market, industrial parks, new urban areas, golf courses, etc. 

Ad-hoc Consulting: Including: economic analysis to understand industry drivers, population studies and demographic modeling to determine future absorption, retail studies to determine consumption trends, land-use planning and infrastructure development, regional benchmarking and performance, and use of a geographical information system (GIS) to provide themes and spatial representation.



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Troy Griffiths

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