Tenant Dances New Energy into Beerwah Complex

08 March 2018

A 214sq m tenancy within a local retail complex on the Sunshine Coast has been leased to a dance studio on a three year contract.

7 Turner Street in Beerwah was secured by Masterpiece Dance after a lease deal negotiated by Will Carman and Peter Capps of Savills.

Mr Capps said Masterpiece Dance chose the tenancy largely due to its size and central location to the Beerwah CBD, plus its proximity to the Post Office, Main Street, and the train station.

“There are very few retail spaces in Beerwah that could accommodate a requirement of this size and locality to the centre of town.

“The property also provides excellent parking facilities and access for the drop off and pick up of students,” Mr Capps said.

Mr Carman said Masterpiece Dance are a family-owned business, and are extremely excited to secure such a great property for their classes.

The tenancy is said to have gone through a difficult 12 month period of vacancy, with Masterpiece Dance providing a boost of energy to the complex.

“The leasing of this space is a great positve for the centre and also for the surrounding shops,” Mr Carman said.

Mr Carman said the tenants have made substantial changes to the existing tenancy to suit the specific requirements of a dance studio.

Masterpiece Dance specialises in dance and acrobatics classes for children aged three to high school.

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Will Carman

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Peter Capps

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